Story Singer/songwriter/producer JAMES COOK releases his 8th album (his third solo effort) ‘ANTI LOVE SONGS’ (2016), a more aggressive, guitar/synth heavy album than previous efforts. This energetic, fresh and eclectic album about love, politics and disillusionment has a sharp new edge. The last 10 years has seen Cook’s music sweep across GERMANY, AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND, CZECH REPUBLIC, POLAND, SLOVAKIA, BELGIUM, HOLLAND, FRANCE, ITALY, LOS ANGELES, ARGENTINA and URUGUAY both with his original band NEMO, as a solo artist, and as guitarist with seminal electro rock act IAMX.
Previous solo albums include indie/electro/pop masterpiece ‘ARTS & SCIENCES’ (described by Rolling Stone as ‘Cinematic, exciting and unconventional’), and his epic second album ‘ADVENTURES IN AUSLAND’ (Ausland is German for ‘abroad’ or ‘outside’), it features blistering brass and soaring strings, a welcome addition to his already unique canon of idiosyncratic songwriting.
Cook’s previous incarnation was as frontman and principal writer for NEMO, one of 21st century London’s first, and finest, underground electro rock acts. Between 2004 and 2008, through three successive international album releases, especially their breakthrough second album from 2006 ‘POST HUMAN LOVE’, the cult Indie electro group helped anticipate and inform the British indie electronic scene. Described by Grammy award winning artist Imogen Heap as ‘London’s best kept secret’, they collaborated together in 2006/7 as both her support act and backing band. During this time, James also toured as guitarist for legendary underground synth rock act IAMX, appeared in and wrote songs for numerous Mighty Boosh episodes, as producer won a best album Czech Grammy and NEMO won the Montreaux Jazz Festival award for best new band in 2007.
After moving to Berlin in 2008, Cook enjoyed a creative rebirth, disbanding NEMO and completing 2010’s Baroque Pop Curio ‘The Dollhouse’ with violinist/string arranger Anne Marie Kirby. When Cook decided to go solo in 2010, Kirby then contributed her arrangements across all three solo albums. Cook has self produced and conceived, in collaboration with countless directors, all his own music videos in the last 10 years, dating from 2006’s NEMO classic ‘LIFESPAN’ to his brand new 2016 video ‘SENSATIONS’.


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