Andy Clark (UK)

"I'm Andy Clark. I'm a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in the U.K. My first songs were born in the late 90s, on a Fostex four-track tape recorder. There are three absurdly proportioned cardboard boxes in my parents' attic, each filled to the brim with demo tapes.
I recently started growing apples. I wrote a bunch of songs about them and after a while, that bunch of songs became a record.
I called it "I Love Joyce Morris", more news coming soon!" (Foto:

'The bitter/sweet singer/songwriter of the season' - Rolling Stone

'Achingly lovely voice' - Phil Jupitus, BBC

'A great songwriter and a great singer' - Aled Jones, BBC & ITV

'Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff' - Terry Christian, Channel 4 - The Word

'Blissful guitar work' - Folkwords

Mi, 16.10.2019 - Start: 20.00 Uhr

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